Admitted Student Checklist - Fall Transfer

As an admitted transfer student for fall, follow these steps to guide you through our enrollment process. Be sure to keep track of your deadlines for enrollment confirmation, financial aid, and housing. Contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment with any questions.

1. Set up your Net ID to access My UW

My UW is a student portal that will present new options to admitted students, such as the ability to confirm your enrollment, review your financial aid package, and sign up for student orientation. Locate the 10-digit campus ID number from your admissions letter. Activate your NetID to access the portal. You can also update any changes to your mailing address, phone number, or email address to make sure you receive important email from other offices.

2. Confirm your enrollment

Log in to the My UW portal to accept your offer of admission in the Student Center by June 1, or within 10 days from the date of your admission, whichever is later. You will then pay the $100 deposit online. It is applied toward your tuition and fees for the fall and is not refundable after the confirmation deadline.

3. Join us for a transfer student day

We host transfer student visit days on the UW–Madison campus. Admitted students who have not yet had a chance to visit, or who are still uncertain about the transfer process, are welcome to attend. These events are open to prospective transfer students and admitted transfer students.

4. Apply for financial aid

Financial aid could include scholarships, grants, on-campus Work-Study jobs, and student loans. All US citizens and permanent residents should follow instructions provided by the Office of Student Financial Aid to file for federal student aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is available online beginning October 1. Remember to list the UW–Madison FAFSA code of 003895. International students should review a list of scholarships and grants provided by International Student Services.

5. Explore university housing

Refer to University Housing to learn more about the features of each Residence Hall and housing application deadlines. You may want to consider Transfer House, which is a dedicated community of transfer students located in Tripp Residence Hall. University Apartments are also offered for students who have families or prefer apartment-style accommodations. University Housing is neither required nor guaranteed. A variety of off-campus housing options are available in Madison and the surrounding area. The Campus Area Housing website is UW–Madison's official source of off-campus apartment listings. Campus Area Housing maintains a consolidated and free searchable list of campus area rental vacancies in apartments, houses, co-ops, private homes and rooming houses to help you find the right place for your individual needs.

6. Sign up for placement tests

Some transfer students are required to take placement tests in English, mathematics, foreign language, and/or English as a Second Language. Students who are required to take placement tests will be informed by email and students who completed them at another UW institution will not be required to retest. For information about testing, refer to the Testing and Evaluation Services website for incoming UW–Madison students. You must register for placement testing before selecting a SOAR date.

7. Sign up for Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

Students admitted for the summer and fall will receive information in April regarding the SOAR sessions held in summer. Details about the dates and registration will be sent by email, and students need to confirm their enrollment before signing up. It is advantageous to have your final grades when attending SOAR.

8. Self-report final grades

Applicants are expected to self-report their final grades when prompted by email. In order to self-report, applicants must report their grades exactly as they appear on an official transcript or grade report that was issued by their school. Learn more in this video on self-reporting final grades.

9. Send us your final transcript(s)

Make sure to request a final official transcript to be sent to our office by June 14, after your final grades are posted. Review our Official Transcripts page for instructions. It is very important that you successfully complete the course work entered on your application. A curriculum change could affect your admission status, and declining grades may be cause for revoking admission.

10. Send your AP/CLEP/IB scores

If you have scores from the AP, CLEP, or IB exams, you might be eligible to receive course credit for your scores. Request that the College Board or International Baccalaureate program send official scores directly to our office.

11. Connect with UW–Madison on social media

Connect with us on social media to meet other transfer students starting classes and get helpful information and tips for your transition to our university.

"Like" the Transfer Transition Program Facebook page to see transfer-specific updates on important deadlines, campus events, and useful resources.

Request access to our official UW–Madison 2019-2020 Transfer Class Facebook group. We will validate incoming requests each week so please be patient as we verify your status as an admitted student. Be sure your name on Facebook matches the name you used on your application. Note that there are other Facebook groups that are not monitored or affiliated with UW–Madison, so be sure to connect with the official UW–Madison page for your incoming class.

These groups are only for key university staff and incoming students, not current UW–Madison students. Before your semester begins, the Office of Admissions and Recruitment coordinates this group and reserves the right to implement policies and practices outlined in the University of Wisconsin–Madison social media policy. Contact us with any issues at