Deferred Enrollment

Admitted students may request to defer enrollment for up to one year for the consecutive spring or fall terms.

Students granted deferred enrollment may not enroll at another academic institution, including another college, university, or in a program that grants credit through an accredited institution (in the United States or abroad). A deferred student who does so will forfeit their deferred enrollment status.

Why would a student want to defer their enrollment?

  • Deferred enrollment may be granted for a variety of reasons, most commonly to allow a student to participate in non-academic cultural experiences, attend military basic training, play junior hockey, perform community service, or for medical reasons.

Who is eligible to defer enrollment?

  • Any freshman student admitted in the Early Action or Regular Decision application plans may request to defer enrollment. Students admitted from the waitlist are not eligible for deferred enrollment.
  • The University of Wisconsin–Madison also provides reasonable accommodations for qualified admitted transfer students with disabilities, chronic medical conditions, and for active-duty military personnel.

What is the process to defer enrollment?

  • Submit the Deferred Enrollment Request Form
    • Your request is reviewed and deferred enrollment is conditionally granted
  • If deferred enrollment has been conditionally approved, you'll receive a letter with next steps:
    • Submit final transcripts by July 1, 2019
    • Your final grades and coursework are reviewed and deferred enrollment is formally approved
    • Sign and submit the Deferred Enrollment Student Agreement by July 1, 2019
  • After the deferred enrollment period passes, update and submit the Record of Residence form
    • New information is reviewed for desired term of entry
  • Follow your Admitted Student Checklist
  • Transition to campus as a Badger!