Connections Program - Transition Checklist

This checklist is required to verify completion of Connections Program requirements and eligibility to enroll at UW–Madison. We strongly encourage you to fill out this form in consultation with your Connections campus advisor.

Student Information

*Denotes an intended major that offers direct entry

Note: Some majors/programs may require a separate application, a higher GPA, and specific courses beyond those required by the Connections Program. Visit for entrance requirements for undergraduate majors. If you meet the Connections Program requirements but are not eligible for your intended major, you can enter the College of Letters and Science at UW–Madison.

Are you submitting a separate application for admission to a specific program or major?

Enrollment Information

Submit your completed Connections Program Transition Checklist and all required materials by the deadline. The deadline for submission is March 1 for summer/fall enrollment and October 1 for spring enrollment. Required materials include:

  • AP/IB scores submitted directly by the testing agency (if not previously submitted)
  • Final/official high school transcripts (if not previously submitted)
  • Transcripts from all postsecondary institutions, including one from your current school that shows your courses in progress for the current term

Electronic transcripts must be sent through a secure document sending service. Transcripts sent through email, as an attachment, will not be accepted as official. Paper transcripts sent to our office must bear an official seal or be printed on the school's custom watermarked/security paper.

Postsecondary institution(s) you have attended:
Name of College/University City/State

Connection Program Requirements

1. Transferable Credits (enter 0 into the box if not applicable)
Type of Credit Completed In Progress Total
AP Credits
College credits earned at your Connections campus
College credits earned at other postsecondary institutions (including college credits earned while in high school).
2. General Education Requirements (GER) (refer to TIS for information on course transfer)
General Education Requirements Department Course Number
Communications Part A (3 credits)
Quantitative Reasoning Part A (3 credits)
(or exempt through placement)
Quantitative Reasoning Part B (3 credits)
Natural Science (N, B, P, W, X, Y)
(one 4-5 credit course with lab or two 3-credit courses)
Natural Science (N, B, P, W, X, Y)
(if you took two 3-credit courses, enter the second one here)
Humanities/Literature/Art (H, L, X, Z) (6 credits)
(Enter first course here)
Humanities/Literature/Art (H, L, X, Z) (6 credits)
(Enter second course here)
Social Studies (S, W, Y, Z) (3 credits)
Ethnic Studies (3 credits)

3. GPA (GPA calculations will include all grades received for repeated courses; the initial grade, as well as grades received in second and subsequent attempts will be included in the GPA calculation. At least 2.0 cumulative and 2.0 in the final semester required.)