Second Undergraduate Degree Admissions

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree previously at UW–Madison or another institution and you are interested in pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, you will need to apply using the UW System Application.

Important note:

The College of Engineering and the School of Business do not accept applications from second undergraduate degree-seeking students. Second undergraduate degree applicants to the non-accelerated professional nursing program in the School of Nursing may only apply for the fall term. Applicants to the College of Letters and Science will be notified of whether they are eligible to pursue a second undergraduate degree.

Application Deadlines

The fall and spring term applications open August 1. The following deadlines pertain to both domestic and international applicants. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on the noted deadline dates.

Period Application Deadline Material Receipt Deadline Decision Notification
Spring 2018 Term October 2, 2017 October 9, 2017 End of December
Fall 2018 Term March 1, 2018 March 6, 2018 End of May

For technical issues with the application, please contact UW HELP at 800-442-6459 or If you have any further questions or problems with this process, email

Application Fee

Second undergraduate degree-seeking students who previously attended UW-Madison as an undergraduate do not need to pay the application fee.

Those who never previously attended UW-Madison must submit a $60.00 fee with their application.

Test Scores

Scores from either the ACT or the SAT are not required of second undergraduate degree-seeking students.

Applicants from non-English speaking countries must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score, unless they have completed and received a passing grade in a college level English composition course at a US college or university. Our TOEFL test code is 1846. TOEFL must be submitted electronically from the testing service. We do not accept the IELTS electronically. Please have a paper copy of your results sent to our office through the mail. If you feel that you qualify for a TOEFL or IELTS waiver, please send an email to our office and a counselor will determine if the waiver criteria are met.


We ask you to answer the following questions on your application, each in the form of an essay. Review our list of tips for the essays as you prepare your responses.

  • Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it's important to you.
  • Tell us why you decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. In addition, share with us the academic, extracurricular, or research opportunities you would take advantage of as a student. If applicable, provide details of any circumstance that could have had an impact on your academic performance and/or extracurricular involvement.


If you completed your first undergraduate degree at UW–Madison, you do not need to resubmit your high school transcript or a college transcript for course work completed at UW–Madison. If you completed course work at a university other than UW–Madison, you must submit official transcripts from each college or university. The transcripts should include all college-level course work completed to date.

If you completed your first undergraduate degree at an institution other than UW–Madison, you must submit official transcripts for each college or university. The transcripts should include all college-level course work completed to date. You must also submit your high school transcript(s).

Letter of Recommendation

We require you to submit one letter of recommendation written by someone who can attest to your academic ability, such as a faculty member or school advisor. Remember to have a discussion with your chosen recommender first to see if they are willing and able to provide a letter.

We encourage applicants who have been away from formal classroom teaching for an extended period to request a letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to their academic potential, such as an employer, (preferably a supervisor or manager), a program or departmental trainer, or some other individual in an official instructional capacity.

Your recommender can use our online recommendation form. Recommendations that are mailed to our office must include your full name, birth date, and campus ID number (if known). Additionally, letters of recommendation from a school staff member may also be sent through Naviance.