Transfer Agreements

Eligible students may take advantage of agreements we have with a select number of partner institutions. These programs make transferring to UW–Madison a viable option for many applicants. They also offer clear guidance on what courses to take and how long to study at their first institution.

UW–Madison/UW Colleges Transfer Contract

The University of Wisconsin–Madison offers a Transfer Contract for students who begin in an associate degree program at any of the 13 UW Colleges campuses. Students who begin as first-semester freshmen at one of the 13 UW Colleges campuses, who submit a Declaration of Intent to Participate prior to completing 30 credits, who meet requirements for admission to UW–Madison, and who meet specified levels of academic achievement at a UW Colleges campus, will be granted admission to UW–Madison as a transfer student. See the PDFs below for more information

Associate Degree Transfer Contracts

Check back soon for revised transfer contracts with participating schools offering liberal arts associate degree programs.