Comm Arts 272/Geog 101 Transfer Notice

Looking for a course to transfer as Comm Arts 272 or Geog 101? Read this first!

Students completing courses equivalent in academic content to Comm Arts 272 and Geog 101 will receive transfer credit for Comm Arts 273 or Geog 104.

Comm Arts 273 and Geog 104 are equivalent in academic content to Comm Arts 272 and Geog 101. They do not, however, satisfy the Communication Part B requirement.

If you are concerned specifically with satisfying the Communication Part B requirement, your best advice is to satisfy it at UW-Madison. The Comm B component is particular to specific UW-Madison courses and not likely to be met by transfer courses, except certain intermediate-level extensive writing courses offered by English or Journalism departments.

Comm Arts 273: Theory and Practice of Interpersonal Communication
3 cr (S-E)

Survey of concepts, theories, and research concerning communication across all phases of interpersonal relationships, focusing on both theoretical and practical applications. Does not satisfy the Com B requirement. Prereq: Open to Fr. Only one of the following courses may be taken for credit: Com Arts 272, 276, 273.

GEOG 104: Introduction to Human Geography 3 cr (S-E)

Human geographers explore socio-spatial relations, processes and representations of the world in which we live. This course engages economic, political, urban, socio-cultural and environmental geographic perspectives to investigate patterns and processes that have come to be associated with 'globalization'. This course does not carry Com B credit. Prereq: Open to Fr. Stdts cannot receive cr for both Geog 101 & 104.