King-Morgridge Scholars Program

About the Program

The King-Morgridge Scholars Program is an exceptional opportunity for enterprising, creative, dedicated young adults committed to applying their talents toward poverty alleviation. Selected for their drive, academic success, and commitment to addressing problems of poverty in their own countries, King-Morgridge Scholars will hail from countries in Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. They will receive a full time, four-year/eight-semester scholarship to the University of Wisconsin–Madison that includes tuition and fees, on campus room and board, health insurance, airfare, and a stipend for miscellaneous expenses. Made possible through generous gifts by the King and Morgridge families, this endowed program will provide six scholarships each year.

King-Morgridge Scholars will have access to the power of UW–Madison’s faculty and the breadth of 140 different undergraduate majors to choose from. They will be connected to existing and tailored on-campus housing, academic advising, and mentoring to develop a cohesive learning experience. Summer on- and off-campus programming and internship opportunities will also be provided over the course of the four years. Each year, the Scholars will meet with UW alumni experts in the field of global poverty and international development.

The Selection Process

To be considered for the King-Morgridge Scholars Program, candidates must submit an undergraduate freshman application to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, as well as the scholarship-specific application found on the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). Both applications will be required for full consideration. Once all items are received, applicants will be reviewed by a committee.

Steps to Apply:

1. Submit the UW–Madison undergraduate application.

2. Your UW–Madison campus ID number will be sent to you through email. You will need this to set up your UW–Madison NetID.

3. Log in to the WiSH portal using your NetID and password. You will be asked a series of questions before being directed to the King-Morgridge application.

4. Fill out and submit the King-Morgridge scholarship application. Applicants will be asked a few brief questions around financial need and will also be asked to supply a short essay explaining how they will address issues of poverty and economic or community development in their home country/region.

An additional letter of recommendation within the scholarship application is optional, but highly encouraged if a letter of support from the organization assisting with the college search process was not included in the UW–Madison application.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

Decision Plan Application Deadline Decision
Fall 2019 Early Action November 1 End of January
Fall 2019 Regular Decision February 1 End of March

Scholarship Application Deadlines

Decision Plan Scholarship Application Deadline
Fall 2019 Early Action November 8
Fall 2019 Regular Decision February 8

The King-Morgridge scholarship application closes on February 8.

About the University of Wisconsin–Madison

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