Badger Promise Transfer Program

February 10, 2017

An updated transfer contract effective February 2017 guarantees that students who complete an associate degree at any of the UW Colleges can earn a bachelor's degree at UW–Madison. The contract covers students enrolled at all of the UW System two-year campuses.

The contract will also apply to students beginning an associate degree at our major technical college partners—Madison College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Nicolet Area Technical College, and College of Menominee Nation.

If sufficient investment money is provided to UW–Madison and UW System through the 2017–19 biennial budget, UW–Madison will offer first-generation Wisconsin resident students entering with these contracts a guaranteed level of grant and scholarship aid.

  • All first-generation Wisconsin residents transferring to UW–Madison through the transfer contract will receive grant/scholarship aid equal to two (2) semesters of in-state tuition (currently $10,488).
  • First-generation Wisconsin residents transferring to UW–Madison through the transfer contract who have demonstrated Pell Grant eligibility upon their initial enrollment at UW–Madison will receive grant/scholarship aid equal to four (4) semesters of in-state tuition (currently $20,976).

To qualify for transfer to UW–Madison through this contract, students must earn a grade point average of 3.2 or higher in their UW Colleges or technical college liberal arts courses that transfer to UW–Madison, complete a minimum of 54 academic credits, and meet specific course requirements.

The aid guarantee would expand our commitment to ensuring that UW–Madison remains a uniquely accessible world-class education offering for all students, including first-generation students.

Questions can be directed to our office at 608-262-3961 or