Information for Counselors

Our network of counselors in high schools, colleges, and community organizations are key partners in both the admissions process and in providing students with current information. Find info here to assist you in working with students who are interested in UW–Madison.

You may also want to review documents about the application process, fee waivers, credit policies and fact sheets from our forms page.

College Fair Invitations

In addition to our comprehensive campus visit program for prospective students, our admission representatives travel extensively throughout the country, attending college fairs, making high school visits, and hosting regional receptions. Send invitations to your upcoming fairs to

Requesting Material

High school counselors, college advisors, and college mentors should sign up for our mailing list. Sign up to receive information about our admissions process to assist you in your work with students.

K-8 teachers can receive information for precollege students through Bucky's Classroom.

Online Recommendation Form

We require one letter of recommendation written by someone who can attest to the student's academic ability, such as a teacher, school counselor, advisor, or faculty member. Recommenders for students who apply using the UW System Application can submit letters electronically online. If the applicant for which you are writing the recommendation used the Common Application, we encourage you to use that system to complete the recommendation

Using Electronic Transcripts

We accept official electronic transcripts from secure transcript providers such as eScrip-Safe, National Student Clearinghouse, and other online vendors. High schools and colleges that take advantage of electronic transcript services do not need to send duplicate paper copies to us.

If the secure transcript vendor requires an email address to send a download link, they should use

Please note that sending an email with a transcript attachment will not be accepted as official.

Application Status Check

It's not possible for counselors to complete an online application status check for their students. However, students can use their My UW portal to see if their application has been received, if any application materials are missing, and to view their admission decision.

Statistics and Enrollment Information

The Office of the Provost provides comprehensive data and analysis about the university. The most popular resources include the UW–Madison Data Digest, information about incoming freshmen and transfer students, and information provided in the Voluntary System of Accountability Program.