Information for Students with Disabilities

Our university is committed to providing an accessible campus community to both students and visitors. Through a collaborative process with faculty, staff, and students, reasonable accommodations are implemented to ensure equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities.

You will find information below for prospective students who have a documented disability, including those with learning disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, mobility impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments, health conditions, and more.

Visiting Campus

We welcome you to attend an information session hosted by the McBurney Disability Resource Center to learn about disability services provided to students on campus. On VisitBucky, select Information Sessions and Campus Tours then choose McBurney Disability Resource Center Information Session under visit options.

Disability accommodations can be arranged for campus tours and the admissions information session given at Union South. Contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment two weeks in advance of your intended visit to request accommodations.

Applying for Admission

There is no separate admission process for applicants with disabilities. However, if you believe that some aspect of your academic record was affected by your disability, you may choose to share that information with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment in your written statement during the application process. Common examples of events that students with disabilities choose to share include:

  1. A disability occurring or having been diagnosed during school with a subsequent and substantial improvement in academic performance once appropriate disability related services or medical treatment are provided.
  2. An uneven grade pattern that results from a disability occurring during school (e.g. traumatic brain injury or disabling illness) with grades dropping and then improving as the student recovers.

Staff at the McBurney Disability Resource Center are trained to evaluate specific disability documentation such as a learning disability assessment, so do not submit this information with your admissions application.

After You Are Admitted

Should you be admitted and need disability-related accommodations or if you are interested in learning more about the accommodation process for students with disabilities, please visit the McBurney Disability Resource Center webpage.