Information for Pre-College Students

You can start planning for your future today! There are many different factors to consider in making your college decision. Think about the subjects you find the most interesting and engaging. Consider what kind of college experience you would enjoy. Find out how to strengthen your skills, remain a top student, and become a competitive applicant.

Start planning with these resources:

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Plan Your Course Work

Our admissions process is competitive. Each year we receive many more applications than space available in our freshman class. Be sure to take courses that will prepare you for college-level work. Select a curriculum that is challenging and interesting. Plan to take 4-5 academic courses each year, and take accelerated, honors, or advanced classes as appropriate.

Visit Campus

Come and see what your Wisconsin Experience could entail. The sooner you visit, the better. You will be able to get a feel for campus, meet current students, and ask questions. Oh, and be sure to rub Abe Lincoln's foot for luck before you leave.

Consider Costs and Financial Aid

It's never too early to create a financial plan for college. Start discussing college costs with your family and explore our financial aid and scholarship information.

Attend a College Fair

A college fair is a great way to find out more about the schools you're interested in attending. You can meet a school representative and ask specific questions about academic programs, campus life, and admissions requirements. Most students begin attending college fairs during their junior year.