At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you'll find exceptional resources.

Our faculty and staff provide a world-class learning experience. With an astounding legacy of learning and discovery, you can choose from thousands of classes in nearly any subject and take time to explore the major that's right for you.

Our students know that learning is a lifelong journey, and they study with people who also embrace spirited discussion and debate. Research is a critical component of the work our undergraduates produce, and regardless of your field, you will be challenged to think critically. Get ready to be enriched by your classmates, inspired by your professors, and supported in your desire to learn.

Our Campus

  • 43,300 total students
  • 29,500 undergraduates
  • 6,600 freshmen

In the Classroom

  • Over 4,700 courses
  • Over 2,100 faculty
  • Average class has 30 students
  • Only 10% of classes have 100 students or more

Our Libraries

  • 46 libraries on campus
  • One of the leading research collections in North America
  • 7.3 million printed volumes
  • Over 7 million other items, such as maps, photos, musical scores, and government documents


  • 17 InfoLabs on campus
  • Wireless internet in residence halls and campus buildings
  • Printing facilities for large-format projects
  • Production resources for video and audio projects